Welcome to Budget Jewel!

Budget Jewel is a detailed budget planning tool designed by the credit and debt experts at the Tayne Law Group P.C. Based off part of the comprehensive services we provide our clients, Budget Jewel is the perfect analysis and planning tool for anyone who wants to understand the mechanics of their income and expenses - all the detail needed while being easy to use. Highlights of the system include:

Comprehensive detail of income and expenses in an easy to navigate application



Visible Summary Companion stays with you making calculations while you work through the budget



Auto saves your current month's budget. Revisit your account anytime to revise and review!




Print or save each month's budget for archiving, notes and review!...Download data file to import into your accounting software.


As part of our mission to educate the public on credit and debt issues, we created Budget Jewel to help anyone at any time improve their financial literacy and start on the path to a more secure and stress free financial future. The low fee $9.99 helps us maintain the system to provide this service to you.

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